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Welcome to the ultimate resource for your rail and mining equipment needs. RAPID RAIL provides a powerful international marketplace for buying and selling equipment. This platform was created from Rapid Trading Corp. to serve the needs of the international rail and mining industries with an easy-to-use pool of information for new or used equipment, including rolling stock and locomotives. Users and providers of rail transport will find this site invaluable when planning equipment needs in the USA or anywhere in the world. You will find exciting new offers and listings every time you visit our site.
Category Type Pic Name Location
MOW Various Offer
Catenary maintenance vehicle TVT 701 in perfect ... GERMANY
Locomotives Offer
GT 26 CW used in good and working condition Southeastasia
Railtrack & MOW Offer
ROBEL Hydraulic Track Lifting Machine with ... Souteasteurope
Tank Request
we looking for Zaes UIC/RIV used , with REV South East Europe
Ballast Tamper Request Beaver 4-73W Plasser tamping machine , meter gauge Australia
DMU / EMU Offer
Railtrack & MOW Offer
Material-Förder- und Silowagen MFS 40 Plasser & ... Germany
Intermodal Offer
Intermodal flat 40` for 1067 mm Cape gauge Southeastasia
Gondola Offer
100 Ton 65 Ft Gons for Sale USA
Welding Car Request
Two Way Track Welding Machine in good and working ... Near or Middle East
Parts & Material Request RTO EMD Traction Motors D77/D78/D87 Centraleurope
Locomotives Offer
Super Deal !Locomotive V60, 478 kW working ... Serbia
Various Offer
new ! Wheel Mobile Milling Machine AAR/UIC ... Westereurope
Various Offer
new ! Wheel set press, Capacity 200t AAR/UIC ... Westereurope
Rail Cranes Offer
Railwaycran EDK TAKRAF 300, working condition in ... Southeasteurope
Passenger Cars Offer
Passengercars used RIC in good condition Southeasteurope
Other Offer
SCHÖMA CFL -180 DCL, metric gauge in good ... Southeasteurope
Switcher Offer
Shunting locomotive, 1000mm gauge, after repair ... Westeurope
MOW Various Offer
TVT 701 Catenery vehicle for maintenance of ... Germany
Ballast Tamper Offer
light tamping maching BR - 100 RTC, new Westeurope
Freight Cars Request flat top wagons on 1067mm bogies 20 meter Australia
Ballast Tamper Offer
P&T tamper Duomatic 09-32 CSM, for desert ! Southeasteurope
Freight Cars Request Habins UIC / RIV for rent Southeasteurope
Gondola Offer Covered Hopper , cf 6200 , USA/ MIDWEST
Gondola Offer Flat bottom gons, 4000 cf,, build 2008/2010 USA/ MIDWEST
Gondola Offer Flat Bottom Gondola Flatbottom J302 4000 cf, USA/ MIDWEST
Flat Offer Pulp Wood Flatcar F373 1973 build, 100t USA/ MIDWEST
Flat Offer Center Beam Flatcar F483 Build 1995, 70 ton, ... USA/ MIDWEST
Locomotives Offer
Diesellok BR 214 guter Zustand , gütige Revision Germany
Railtrack & MOW Offer
SKL KLV 53 in good condition in service times Germany
Special Cars Offer
Emergency Car LOCTRAC ZW 10 Two Way Windhoff Westeurope
Railtrack-Building Offer
Track Vehicle Robel 54-17, with cran used Southeasteurope
Ballast Regulator Offer
Ballast Tamper Offer
P&T Tamper 08-16 Unimatic , used Southeurope
Passenger Cars Request
Begleiterwagen " ROLA " Centraleurope
Freight Cars Offer
Zas Railtankcars , best condition, new RIV/Rev Southeasteurope
Freight Cars Offer
Falls in best Condition after Overhauling Southeasteurope
Ballast Tamper Offer
Tamper P&T 08-75 ZW S&C (Switches & Crossings), ... Westeurope
Railtrack & MOW Request
P&T 09 tamping machines , used in good condition Asia
Tank Request
we want to by immediatly Tank wagons for LPG South East Europe
Railtrack & MOW Request Grinding vehicle which has 24 stones or more, used Asia
Freight Cars Offer
Hbillns , 2-axles covered wagons used Centraleurope
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