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Welcome to the ultimate resource for your rail and mining equipment needs. RAPID RAIL provides a powerful international marketplace for buying and selling equipment. This platform was created from Rapid Trading Corp. to serve the needs of the international rail and mining industries with an easy-to-use pool of information for new or used equipment, including rolling stock and locomotives. Users and providers of rail transport will find this site invaluable when planning equipment needs in the USA or anywhere in the world. You will find exciting new offers and listings every time you visit our site.
Category Type Pic Name Location
Locomotives Offer
Locomotive V100 West (BR211) new Revision ! Germany
Locomotives Offer
Locomotive V100 West (BR212) in service times Germany
Intermodal Offer
intermodal cars 80' Sggnss new Centraleurope
Track mobile Offer
Freight Cars Offer
Sggrss-K ,new intermodal 80' Centraleurope
Tank Offer 70 GP 30 k gal tank cars, April May 2014 free for ... USA
Tank Offer 230 GP 30 k gal tank cars, May / June 2014 free ... USA
Box Offer Box cars, 50’ Plate “F” Cars, 10’ Plug Door, ... USA
Ballast Tamper Offer Plasser & Theurer 09-3x in top condition Westeurope
Railtrack & MOW Offer Plasser & Theurer 09-475 4SY super condition Westeurope
Flat Offer
Laagrs-w low floor for house module or intermodal Westeurope
Tank Offer Tankcars for LPG Westeurope
Freight Cars Offer
Shimms for coils , used UIC/ RIC Westeurope
Freight Cars Offer
Laaes142 for transport automobiles UIC/RIV Westeurope
Freight Cars Offer
Shimms 4 axle for coils Westeurope
Freight Cars Offer
Hbills 2 axles closed railwaycars in good ... Westeurope
Ballast Tamper Offer
P&T tamper Duomatic 09-32 CSM, for desert ! Southeasteurope
Locomotives Request
EMD G8 or G12 1200 HP used in running condition Southamerica
DMU Offer
DMU Coradia Lint 41/H in super condition Westeurope
DMU Offer
DMU DM 90 modern diesel hydraulic powered train ... Westeurope
Tank Offer 25k LPGtank cars for 5 yr lease USA
Tank Offer 33,6 k LPGtank cars for 6 month lease free USA
Tank Offer 33,6 k LPGtank cars for 2-3 year lease free USA
Tank Offer 33,6 k LPGtank cars for 1-2 year lease free USA
Intermodal Offer
Laags 22,5 t /axload for 4 x 20' or 2 x 40' Westeurope
Intermodal Offer
Sdgms Pocketcars ! Trailer or Container RIV/UIC Westeurope
Intermodal Offer
Lgjns 2 axle containerflats 40' , in service ... Westeurope
Hopper Offer Covered Hopper Cars 5400 cf , available USA
Hopper Request Prefer cars 5000cu or larger wantet for lease ... USA
Tank Offer 15 – 22.8k tank cars coiled/ insulated, available USA
Tank Offer 17K tank cars coiled/ insulated available USA
Freight Cars Offer GP-30 Tankcars for crude for FS lease USA
Flat Request
we looking for purchase Rs / Regs UIC/RIV , ... Central Europe
Twoway Offer UNIMOG U 400 Two way in good and running ... Westeurope
Twoway Offer
UNIMOG U 1650 Two Way manlift acces platform Westeurope
Twoway Offer
UNIMOG U 1000 Two way in running condition Westeurope
Twoway Offer
MB Trac Two way in good and running condition Westeurope
Equipment Offer
Unimog telescopic boomlift Westeurope
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