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Welcome to the ultimate resource for your rail and mining equipment needs. RAPID RAIL provides a powerful international marketplace for buying and selling equipment. This platform was created from Rapid Trading Corp. to serve the needs of the international rail and mining industries with an easy-to-use pool of information for new or used equipment, including rolling stock and locomotives. Users and providers of rail transport will find this site invaluable when planning equipment needs in the USA or anywhere in the world. You will find exciting new offers and listings every time you visit our site.
Category Type Pic Name Location
Tank Offer 31.8k CPC-1232 cars available for Lease. USA
Freight Cars Offer
Fals , used after repair, pneumatic/manual flaps Southeasteurope
Freight Cars Offer
Smmps-tz, wagon from former Tanktransport Centraleurope
Ballast Regulator Offer
Profiling Machine P & T, PRB 202 for 1000 mm gauge Southeasteurope
Ballast Tamper Offer
Tamper 1000-1435 mm MATISA good condition Southeurope
Locomotives Offer High Nose GP9 EMD Locomotive for sale USA / MIDWEST
Coach Offer
Beautyfull passenger coach EX RENFE SPAIN SPAIN
Tank Offer GP30s Available for Lease. USA
Railtrack & MOW Request Ballast Cleaner ( Plasser or MATISA ) Southeasteurope
Railtrack & MOW Request Ballast Regulator used in good and running ... Southeasteurope
Freight Cars Request Combo's with D47s or D57s wanted USA
Flat Request Flat cars, 89 foot for lease / purchase wantet ... USA / SOUTH
DMU Request DMU`s with 914 or 1000 mm gauge wanted SOUTH AMERICA
Locomotive parts Request Bearing assemblies for our 8TM Trackmobile. USA
Hopper Offer 4750cu CH cars available for 5 year lease. Last ... USA
Heavy duty Request Heavy Duty Depressed Center car (FD) + 200 t ... USA
Flat Request Flat cars for captive rail transportation ... INDIA
Tank Request 25.5K Coiled/Insulated Tankcars for Crude service USA/ MIDWEST
Rail Cranes Offer
Railwaycran EDK TAKRAF 300, working condition Southeasteurope
Tank Offer 25.5k C/I Available March for 1-4 year lease USA
Tank Offer 31.8K GP Available ASAP for 1-3 year lease USA
Tank Offer 23.5 C/I Available April for 1-4 year lease USA
Tank Offer 29k C/I Available ASAP for 6-12 month lease USA
Tank Offer GP30s available ASAP for 1-3 year lease USA
Flat Request 10 flat bottom gons for purchase wanted USA / SOUTH
Flat Request 5700 cu ft grain covered hoppers for lease wanted USA / SOUTH
Flat Request 89’ flat cars for purchase USA / SOUTH
Ballast Tamper Offer
Tamper P&T 09-32 CSM , used Southeurope
Ballast Tamper Offer Tamper P&T 08-32 U , used Southeurope
Railtrack & MOW Offer
Tamper P&T 09-32 plus DGS 62 N used Southeurope
Freight Cars Offer for sale Eacs , used, without REV Southeasteurope
Freight Cars Offer
for sale Eanos , used, without REV Southeasteurope
Locomotives Offer
Locomotives LDH Faur 1250 diesel hydraulic after ... Southeasteurope
Locomotives Offer Locomotive Diesel Electric LDE 2100 in good and ... Southeasteurope
Ballast Tamper Request
P&T Tamper 1000 mm gauge , used Southamerica
Railtrack & MOW Request
Ballast regulator for 1000 mm gauge in working ... Southamerica
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